Services for Victims


For Men/Women

We run a 12 weeks (short intervention) and 26 weeks, the 12 weeks intervention focuses on very practical support in helping the victim in moving forward while the 26 weeks intervention is about finding the root of the victim becoming a victim with the intention of addressing such root reasons. The victim is encouraged to explore his or her childhood particularly her/his home or community at the time while comparing it with her/his present home and community.

 For Child

We run 8 weeks program for children within their school premises or community depending on the assessment of the available venues. This program is to help the child to re-think some of the issues within his or her environment while teaching them how to be safe.

One to One Sessions

This is tailor-made for individuals that are unable to function within group activity.

  • We run an 18 weeks Special program for child domestic violence victims who are compelled into child labour due to lack of government support for their parents.