Men/Women –

   We run 26 weeks prepertrator’s program and expect the clients to attend all sessions. If a client is still in relationship, we will have their partner in a program with us for the duration of their partner’s program. This helps to build an understanding for the victim around the work their partner is undergoing. This is a 3 hours weekly program with a lot of work for the client to complete. This program is available to individuals within a domestic house hold for instance mother-in-law, father-in-law, partners, adult children, children etc.

One to One Sessions –

   This can only be carried out  after careful assessment,   as  group work hel ps most     perpetrators to come to terms   with theirbehaviour and begin the progress of change.

  • We run a 12 weeks Special Service for child domestic workers who perpetrates violence on younger children they are meant to look after.