The Domestic Abuse Awareness Course is a 2-session motivational and awareness-raising course aimed at low-risk and first-time DVA (Domestic Violence and Abuse) perpetrators, offering men a chance to reflect on their behaviour and the impact of their abuse on their families. These sessions have been designed as an introduction to assist in starting the process of identifying unhealthy behaviours within intimate relationships and the impact on all affected, including a detailed inspection of the effects on children.



The aims of the Domestic Abuse Awareness Course are for participants to achieve:

  • An increased awareness of what constitutes a healthy relationship based on equality.
  • An increased awareness of behaviours that constitute domestic abuse.
  • An increased awareness of the negative impact of abusive behaviour on partners, children and themselves.
  • The ability to plan and prepare for their own high risk situations

Support for victims

Contact will be made with the current or ex-partners of the participant affected by the abuse. A service will be offered that provides safety planning information and support whilst the participants are attending the programme.

RISE Domestic Abuse Safety Advisors (DASA’s) are trained specialists who offer support to individuals who have experienced domestic abuse. Every time RISE facilitators work with a service user on a programme addressing domestic abuse, they will ensure that support is offered to the partner.